9 Effective Beauty Tips for the Face That Will Enhance Your Looks

Updated: Mar 22, 2023
By Michelle Abari
Beauty tips for face
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Everyone wants to have that glow; everyone wants to have that beauty that makes heads turn when they get into a room. We all have beauty tips that help us enhance our beauty, facially. Whether it is drinking water daily, less makeup, or eating healthy, amongst others, either way, they are beauty tips.

Beauty tips encompass what you apply to your face or your body. It goes further to let us know that beauty tips have to do with what we eat, apply on our faces and a lot more.

In this article, you will get to see how beauty tips enhance your looks and what beauty routines to use for yourself. Well, here they are…

Effective Beauty Tips for the Face That Will Enhance Your Looks

1. Maintaining a Good Personal Hygiene

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.

I mean, you have to be clean to look good and smell good. The way you look attracts everything around you. Just imagine someone with a tattered cloth, uncombed hair, a bad mouth and body odor. I mean, that is unattractive in all areas of looks and beauty.

Do you want good beauty tips? Be clean, be tidy and be organized. You should shower at least twice a day, irrespective of the weather condition. Apply mild and organic soap and other facial substances on your face. Always wear clean clothes and use a clean face cleaner always, if you need one.

Maintaining top-notch personal hygiene is a beauty tip that you should indulge in. You can’t expect to be beautiful and handsome if you don’t have good personal hygiene. You should always be clean, because when you are clean and have a tidy environment and routine then skincare, hair care and even diet will be good.

When you have good personal hygiene, your face is pimple-free, stress-mark-free, and generally acne free. So, want some advice on beauty tips for your face? Have good personal hygiene.

2. Have a Basic Skincare Routine

I can tell you that having a skincare routine is a must-have beauty tip. You not only want your face to be glowing and fresh, but you also want a soft, radiant and fresh body. So having a good skincare routine is very essential.

You can research any skincare line that has been approved by dermatologists and has proven to show no side-effects after application. I use BaloreSkin for my body and it works tremendously well for me. No issue whatsoever with this skincare line, everything is going well with my skin. You can use skincare products like Nivea, St Ives, Jergens, Dove, and lots more.

Your basic skincare routine can be applying exfoliating products every morning or evening on your face, applying body scrub on your body now and then or using mild soap on your face. Because you want your skin to radiate you are expected to use the right product.

While medicated soaps like Dettol, Tetmosol and others are essential for killing germs, they do not do much when it comes to skincare. You should use organic products, products made of carrot, turmeric, oatmeal, honey and others. These are organic resources that are known for their tremendous effect on the skin.

3. Eat Healthily

Taking too many oily, sugary, and spicy meals can cause acne on your face, and store a lot of fat in your skin. Those with oily skin should avoid oily meals and products. Excess intake of oily meals leads to a lot of oil excretion from the skin which leads to the attraction of dust and pimples. So you should avoid these categories of meals.

Avoiding canned foods too is also a way of eating healthily. Because processed foods have lost most of their nutrients, too much consumption will be futile. These processed foods are filled with radiation and radiated meals are very dangerous to the skin both internal and external.

Eating healthy has always been the best option when it comes to beauty tips. Do you want to have clean and glowing skin? Then take a lot of fruits and vegetables. No one I know practicing skincare has ever complained that eating healthy has side effects on the skin.

Naturals are way better than canned meals, sugary, spicy, and oily meals. So, eating well enhances your facial looks and body looks altogether. Eat healthily and see what happens to your skin.

4. Drink Enough Clean Water

While drinking water regularly is very essential, did you know drinking clean water is way better? I tried this and my skin, especially my face, has gone from normal, to glowing in just a few months.

I stopped drinking just any water regularly and switched to clean water. I started taking only bottles of water and dispenser water. It was not just healthy, it was quite cheaper and more efficient for me, especially the dispenser water.

When you start taking fresh water frequently you start to see the changes in your body, especially your face. You will see the difference in the water you take when you start taking clean bottled water. You can patronize some freshwater companies like Nestle, Aquafina, Eva, Swan, Cway and others.

These are freshwater companies that I have patronized and have been nothing but helpful to my skin. So if you are looking for more tips to add to your beauty tips list, I advise you to take fresh drinking water regularly.

5. Avoid Harsh Weather Conditions

Harsh weather conditions like exposure to the excess sun should be avoided. If you stay in an environment with the excess sun, try as much as possible to avoid exposure to this sun. Exposure to too much sun can cause sunburn and kill some ligaments on the skin.

If you are going out, try using sunscreen before going out. I suggest you use SPF, any SPF is good for the skin, as it has been approved by dermatologists.

Not only should you avoid the sunny season, but also avoid the rainy and dry seasons. Going out under the rain too much makes the skin too moist and attracts a lot of germs, so try to avoid going under the rain at most times. Also, the dry season makes the skin too dry and leads to skin breakage, so you will need a lot of ointments during this season.

The bottom line is to avoid excess exposure to harsh weather conditions because the skin is very delicate and tender, so it should be treated as such.

6. Use a Separate Garment for Your Face

When washing your face or having a general shower, always ensure to have a separate towel for your face. The face is the center of beauty, and it tells how beautiful or handsome you are.

You don’t want to see acne and pimples on your face, so using a separate towel for your face is key. You should wash your face towel with mild detergents at least 3 times a week. That helps you keep healthy personal hygiene.

I can tell you that this beauty tip has helped me immensely. I always ensure to use a separate towel for my face, preferably the color white. I use white because I want to see how dirty my towel gets and when to wash it. Looking for more beauty tips? Use a separate towel for your face.

7. Do not Smoke

Everyone has a guilty pleasure, but smoking as a guilty pleasure spoils the skin, generally. Smoking hastens up how your skin ages. If you have an injury of some sort and you smoke, it will not heal fast and can get infected.

Research has shown that smoking worsens some skin diseases like skin cancer, psoriasis, and others. So smoking is not good for your skin, both externally and internally. So to enhance your looks, avoid smoking. Stopping may not be as easy as I may be making it sound, but you should reduce the way you smoke, it does not help your skin generally.

8. Not Too Much Makeup

I mean every lady wants to look pretty. We want to look the best, attract the best and make heads turn when we walk into a room. As I said, our face most times is what attracts people to us, so we are prone to trying to make our face look good. But we should also bear in mind that makeup, no matter what organic they claim to be, also causes acne on our face.

Too much of everything is not good, so excess makeup is not good. Nature is always the best. As they say “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, so sometimes makeup isn’t necessary.

I know a few people who go nowhere without makeup because of low self-esteem, and that’s ok. But you should know that makeup also causes acne and rashes to the skin, so try to reduce the way you apply it.

You should believe and know how beautiful you are without makeup because we are all beautiful in our way. so try as much as possible to reduce your makeup application.

9. Avoid Bursting Your Pimples

There is always this sudden urge to just burst that little zit growing on your face. Honestly, I’ve been there but never done that. As much as there is that urge to burst it, you should avoid it. Bursting that pimple will lead to dark spots and growing pimples on another spot on your face.

If you have a pimple, apply Vaseline or shea butter on it and let it dry naturally. This way you get to avoid dark spots, injuries and other pimples on your face. There are numerous beauty tips, and avoiding bursting your pimples should be very well one of them.

5 Methods Used to Apply Skincare Products on Your Skin to Enhance Your Looks

You don’t always have to apply makeup to enhance your looks. Did you know that other beauty tips can enhance your facial looks? I was shocked when I saw that these tips were less costly and very effective. Well here are some beauty tips that I and others apply to enhance our beauty…

1. Exfoliate

A lot of people don’t know how essential exfoliating is. Exfoliating helps the skin by scrubbing dead cells from the face. Haven’t you ever wondered why your facial complexion is different from the other part of your body?

Sometimes your face may be lighter than other parts of your body, other times, vice versa. Well, it’s because you don’t exfoliate often enough. Using physical and chemical exfoliants in your beauty tips routine will help lighten your skin, especially melanin since melanin is found in keratinocytes.

There are 3 main types of exfoliations and these include…

  • Physical Exfoliation: This involves the use of granular scrub. When applied to the skin, it physically abrades the skin’s surface which removes dead cells on the skin.
  • Chemical Exfoliation: This involves the use of enzymes and acid-based products that have an exfoliating effect. When these acid-based products dissolve, the protein bonds that exist in the dead skin cell are removed.
  • Mechanical Exfoliation: This involves the use of machines or devices to exfoliate the skin. The most common device for this type of exfoliation is laser treatments and microdermabrasion.

2. Moisturize

Moisturizing at least twice a day can be very beneficial to your face. Moisturizing adds nutrients to the face and the body as a whole so adding it to your beauty tips should be a priority.

Moisturizers slow down aging, soothe the skin, it prevents dryness. But the most important is that it prevents and reduces skin problems.

If you are looking for that glow, that missing piece to your puzzle to your skincare routine, then I highly recommend moisturizers. Moisturizers come in different forms, in the ointment, jells, lotions or even powder forms.

The good thing about moisturizers is that they are easier to find than exfoliating products. Most, if not all skincare companies have moisturizers for both skin and hair. So you are at a positive stand when looking for that glow to your face.

3. Cleanse

Cleansing the face removes dirt, sebum, oil and dead skin cells from the face without damaging or irritating the skin. The skin is the largest and one of the most delicate organs in the human body, so it needs to be taken care of at every point in time.

Dirt always seems to find its way to the skin, especially facially at any chance it gets. The face is the most exposed part of the skin, so whether you have oily, dry, or mixed type of skin, dirt issues settle on your face.

So, cleaning your skin regularly should be a habit that you should inculcate. There are numerous benefits of cleansing your skin, some of them are…

  • Cleanser clears any dead cell build-up on the face.
  • It keeps your skin hydrated, soft and young-looking.
  • It shows a fresh layer of your skin that glows at all times.
  • It stimulates blood circulation, which boosts blood circulation to your face.
  • Cleansers also help other skincare products work effectively by making these other products penetrate effectively into your skin.

Should you cleanse your skin regularly? Of course, you should, cleansers have organic nutrients that are very good for the skin, so yes, you should apply cleansers regularly. The number of times you apply moisturizers should also be the same way you apply cleansers.

4. Tone

Toners are very essential to your face. They aid in removing dirt as the cleanser does, and they also remove impurities that are stuck on your pores after washing your face.

Although toners are very essential to skincare, they should not be applied regularly, like moisturizers. It is best to only use toner when your skin needs it, because toner is a skin-drying agent, so it shouldn’t be applied all the time.

Also, toner is not all that necessary for beauty tips, it can be quite essential to people with oily skin. Nonetheless, it is very good for the face, as it brightens the face, reduces the appearance of dark spots on the face and clears acne scars.

Toners are made with alcohol, so that explains their designated functions to the face. So using a toner can be beneficial, if you want to include it, it is all good. But using it regularly should be avoided.

5. Shave or Wax

There are women with facial hair, and that is ok, I mean everyone is beautiful in their way. but if you are looking to let go of your facial hair, then that is also very ok.

Shaving the face helps brighten the skin and allows your skincare products to have better and easier penetration into your skin. It also makes it easier to apply makeup on your face. Although shaving can lead to ingrown hair on your face, it is best to wax your skin.

Waxing, on the other hand, has been proven to be more efficient than shaving. The wax used to remove the hair on your face are organic, most of which I know of thought.

Waxing is very good because I have used it too. If you want to use wax on your face, I suggest you use ones made of honey, sugar, turmeric or even oatmeal. These ingredients not only enhance your beauty, but they also add nutrients to your skin and give you that radiant glow.

4 Organic Products to Apply on Your Face

“I want flawless skin and want a certain glow to my skin”, is the statement that everyone makes when they need that radiant skin. If you are trying to go all natural like I am. Then I will be giving you some organic products that have helped me and other people out on our skincare journey.

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has got to be one of the most medicinal plants in the world. It is known to do and cure a lot of things and including it in your skincare should not be a no-brainer.

Aloe Vera has a million and one benefits, here are some of mine…

  • It moisturizes the skin.
  • It helps soothe and clear sunburn. It is anti-inflammatory which explains it clears sunburn.
  • It fights skin aging.
  • It lightens blemishes on the face.
  • It gives the face THAT glows you are looking for, and the skin radiates.
  • It heals wounds on your face and also cures pimples and acne

I can go on and on about the benefits of aloe vera, but I will end with this, add aloe vera to your beauty tips and you will not regret a thing.

2. Turmeric

I can scream about this natural herb to the world when I talk about it. Turmeric is not just a herb, it has got to be THE herb you should use when looking to enhance your facial looks. It has a lot of benefits for the skin.

Although turmeric has a lot of nutrients, applying regularly should be avoided. This is because of its yellow color. This color can leave a stain on your face, I mean you don’t want to be walking around with a yellow face. Even if you are to use turmeric, mix it with other ingredients like honey, peanut butter, water and even sugar.

Turmeric deals with dull skin, heals acne, prevents aging and lots more. So, I see no reason why you should not include this in your skincare routine.

3. Honey

The sweet product is made from bees. If you have not noticed, honey is taking over the spotlight in skincare. With its healing properties, and the ability to soften, brighten, exfoliate, moisturize and even cleanse the skin, why wouldn’t it get the spotlight?

To some people, honey is a delicious and nutritious sweetener. While that is true, honey is the powerhouse of nutritious enzymes and very beneficial compounds.

Benefits of honey include…

  • Hydrating and moisturizing the skin.
  • It serves as a cleanser and gentle exfoliator.
  • Honey fights acne and breakouts.
  • It relieves sunburn.
  • It gives you a younger look.

Honey can be used as a toner, cleanser, moisturizer and even an exfoliator so why not give it a try?

4. Oatmeal

Ground oatmeal can work as an exfoliator, cleanser, moisturizer and lots more. Oatmeal moisturizes, protects, tones and exfoliates the face. It also helps produce collagen production, gives you brighter skin and reduces skin inflammation.

You can apply ground oatmeal by using it when you shower, or you can make a paste and use it as a face mask, or a gentle cleanser. Whichever way it is applied, it performs all its necessary functions.

What I Am Saying Is…

I can go on about beauty tips to enhance your beauty facially. There are a lot of organic products to use. I’m talking about lavender, almond oil, coconut oil, black soap and lots more.

While makeup radiates and screams beauty, it is not the way to enhance looks facially. Natural will always be the best, because, at the end of the day, some makeup products irritate the skin. So having a stable and good skincare routine should be key.

If you want to have top-notch beauty tips, then have a very good skincare routine and see where that takes your skin. 


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