Comparative Reviews Between Plain and Patterned Styles for Men

Updated: May 25, 2023
By Michelle Abari
plain and patterned styles for men
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“I don’t even know what I want to put on today”.

“I don’t even know if it’s the jeans I wore yesterday or the T-shirt I wore last 2 weeks”.

I know, when it comes to looking your best, you want to go all out, especially to the men, and that’s a good thing. But wearing the right attire is very important. 

You obviously want to look your best and look spontaneous, and that’s very good. Imagine a good looking guy looking all nice with an attire, very attractive if you ask me.

I believe when it comes to attires for guys, there are 2 main styles, plain and patterned styles for men. Just to give a little overview…

Plain and pattern styles refer to different types of clothing designs for men. Plain styles are characterized by solid colors, with no visible patterns or designs. 

These styles are simple, versatile, and timeless, and can be easily paired with other pieces in a wardrobe.

Pattern styles, on the other hand, feature bold prints or designs on the fabric, such as stripes, checks, polka dots, or floral patterns. 

These styles are more unique and eye-catching, allowing for personal expression and creativity. However, they can be more difficult to match with other pieces and may not be appropriate for all occasions.

Well, now that you get an idea of plain and pattern styles for men, let’s get reading. In this article, we will get to discuss the comparison, why you should go for this style instead of that and lots more. Let’s get to it…

What are Plain Styles for Men?

Well, before we go straight to the comparison of plain and patterned styles for men, let’s know what plain styles for men are…

Plain styles for men typically refer to clothing that is simple and unembellished, featuring minimal patterns, prints, or graphics. This style is characterized by solid colors, basic fabrics, and clean lines, without any excessive or ornate detailing. 

Plain styles are often considered timeless and classic, as they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Examples of plain styles for men include plain t-shirts, solid-colored dress shirts, simple suits and jackets, and basic denim jeans.

In terms of clothing items, plain styles for men may include solid-colored t-shirts, button-up shirts in muted tones, well-fitted denim or khaki pants, and comfortable yet stylish footwear such as sneakers or loafers. 

The key is to select clothing that is versatile and can be easily mixed and matched, making it easy to create a variety of outfits without having to rely on flashy accessories or statement pieces.

Accessories in plain styles for men are often minimal, with items such as a simple leather watch or a basic leather belt serving to complement rather than overpower the overall look. 

When it comes to outerwear, plain styles for men may feature classic pieces such as a well-fitted blazer or a sleek leather jacket, again prioritizing simple designs that can be worn in a variety of settings.

Overall, plain styles for men emphasize simplicity, quality, and versatility. By selecting clothing that is both functional and stylish, men can create a wardrobe that is both practical and fashionable, allowing them to look and feel their best in any situation.

Why You should Try Plain Styles

1. Simplicity

plain and pattern styles for men
Credit: Sam Lee, The Muscle, Gingtto

Plain styles are very easy to put on, for men, it is usually seen as a casual look. Not too much to your look, because you don’t want to attract too much attention. One reason I would recommend you go for plain styles is that it attracts less attention and is very simple. Get your simple plain styles for men on Amazon at $47.

2. Versatility

Another reason to try out plain outfits is that they are very capable of doing many things. Plain outfits usually go with a lot of other outfits. You can style a plain white T-shirt with a brown striped blazer, and it goes very well. Get it between the range of $60 – $72 on Amazon.

3. Elegance

plain and patterned styles for men
Credit: Asoebi Guest Fashion, Pinterest

Don’t think elegance is just for ladies, it definitely is not. It gives you that class. If you are a guy who has worn plain attire, let’s say a pair of plain outfits, top and shorts with sneakers. Just imagine how elegant you will look. Available at $77 on Amazon.

Why You Shouldn’t Try Plain Styles

While plain styles for men are very good, it also has its ‘don’ts’ and so, let’s see what they are.

1. It’s Too Boring

Plain styles can be very good and all, but it gets too boring. Imagine most of your friends and family knowing you only with a particular style, like white T-shirts and jeans, most of the time. It can be a bit tiring. While you are trying to look simple, try to throw in some shade of color and abstract designs to it.

2. It Creates a Limited Room for Personal Expression

Colors generally have their meanings, like red being for danger and yellow being for happiness and all, it still limits your expression. 

As simple as plain styles are, they don’t still let you express yourself. Imagine going to a wedding of a friend and just putting on white or brown. It still doesn’t seem right though. You want to scream how you feel at a particular time, so why not go for a different style? Let’s say a little pattern or so, with different colors on one attire. See what that does.

3. It makes it Difficult to Stand Out in a Crowd

There are times you want to just be different from everyone else, and plain styles just don’t serve that purpose, and this is where pattern styles for men come in.

What Are Patterned Styles for Men?

Pattern styles for men refer to clothing that features intricate designs, motifs, or prints. Unlike plain styles that focus on simplicity, pattern styles can add visual interest and personality to an outfit. 

Patterned clothing can range from subtle and understated to bold and eye-catching, depending on the size, shape, and complexity of the pattern. Some common types of patterned clothing for men include stripes, plaids, checks, polka dots, florals, and abstract prints.

One of the most popular patterns for men’s clothing is the stripe. Stripes can range from thin pinstripes to bold, horizontal stripes, and can be found on a variety of garments including dress shirts, t-shirts, and even suits. Stripes can create an elongating effect, making the wearer appear taller and leaner.

Plaids and checks are also popular patterns for men’s clothing, particularly in casual wear like flannel shirts and jackets. These patterns feature intersecting lines in various colors and sizes, creating a checkered or tartan-like effect. Plaids and checks are often associated with a rugged, outdoorsy aesthetic.

Polka dots are a playful and fun pattern that can add a pop of personality to a dress shirt or tie. Florals are another popular pattern, particularly in the warmer months, and can range from small, subtle prints to large, bold designs. Abstract prints can be more daring and creative, featuring unique shapes and colors that are often attention-grabbing.

When incorporating patterned clothing into an outfit, it’s important to consider the overall aesthetic and balance of the outfit. Mixing patterns can be tricky, but can also create a bold and stylish look when done correctly. It’s also important to consider the occasion and dress appropriately – while patterns can add visual interest, they may not be appropriate for all settings, such as a formal business meeting.

Why You Should Try Patterned Styles

Well, there are few key reasons why you should try on a patterned style, and here they are…

1. Unique and Eye-catching

credit: tufafii, hypebeast, ankaratribe, solomonthreads

Patterned styles for men give that “all eyes on you” look when you put it on. It gives you a very classy look that says a lot about you at that point. It also gives you a dominant look. Imagine putting on a Cheetah designed outfit, very magnificent. Get it on Amazon at $36.

2. Allows for Personal Expression

Kaftan for men
credit:, Solomon threads, foodies

The patterned styles give you room to express yourself. It gives you a chance to express how you feel through the patterns interwoven on your attire.

3. It shows Personality and Creativity

Credit: Men’s fashion, Vogue India

Your style of pattern also shows your personality. If you like animal skin design, then it shows you are domineering, and plaid shows a chill person. Also, your ability to blend these colors and styles into one attire shows your creativity in fashion.

Why you Shouldn’t Try Patterned Styles

While it is nice and all, patterned styles also have its “donts’, well here they are…

1. It can be Overwhelming or Too Bold

While there is aesthetics in patterned outfits for men. It can be quite overwhelming when you think of it. Imagine wearing a plaid and polka dotted outfit to a serious meeting, that’s a fashion disaster.

2. Limited Versatility

Patterned outfits can’t multitask. It’s either it or not. It does not give room to share, and that’s the bad thing about this outfit. Its versatility is quite limited that you can’t wear it to most places, it has to be accompanied with plain attires.

3. It Can Be Difficult to Match with Other Outfits

Because it was created for one style, it can’t be matched with other styles. Try matching a striped top with plaid shorts. That right there, is going to scream ‘fashion disaster’ because the concept of what you are trying to tell people of how you feel has been defeated.

Comparison Between Plain and Patterned Styles for Men

Both plain and patterned styles for men are very good fashion, but in certain situations, one tends to out-shine the other. Well, let’s see which does here…

What Style is More Versatile?

Well, if we are going to talk about versatility here, then plain style comes into a major play. While patterned styles are very bold and show creativity, they can’t be worn with just anything, they have a particular style. It’s either a striped outfit or nothing. But in the case of plain outfits, it can be worn with anything, and still look very stylish.

Which Style is More Timeless?

For this one, I’m still going to go with plain styles. This style never gets old. But the thing with patterned outfit is that it has its season. There are times when tie and dye will be in vogue better than polka-dotted outfits, so when it comes to being timeless, plain outfits win again.

What style is More Appropriate for Different Occasions?

If you are a Nigerian and you are going for a wedding, trust me when I say the patterned Ankara is definitely for you. It has always been a natural phenomenon with African weddings. 

When it comes to birthday parties, casual get together and other little ceremonies, then plain could do it for you. While you can still wear patterned outfits, make sure to style it appropriately.

Why Should I See the Importance of Plain and Patterned Styles for Men?

Choosing between plain and pattern styles is important because it can impact the overall look and feel of an outfit. The style a man chooses can convey different messages about his personality, mood, and the occasion for which he is dressing.

Plain styles are often associated with simplicity, elegance, and versatility, while pattern styles are seen as more bold, expressive, and unique. Depending on the situation and personal preference, one style may be more appropriate than the other.

By understanding the differences between plain and pattern styles, men can make informed decisions about what to wear for different occasions, allowing them to express themselves in a way that feels comfortable and confident. 

Ultimately, the choice between plain and pattern styles should be based on individual style, personal taste, and the specific context in which the outfit will be worn.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Plain and Patterned Styles for Men

1. Skin Tone

It is ale=ways best for light-skinned guys to go for darker outfits, be it plain or patterned. Just try going for darker outfits. It does not speak bad about your outfit.

2. Body Type

If you are on the big side, then wearing clothes for your size is very necessary. Wear clothes that go with your body size and also compliment your looks.

3. Personal Type

Wear what you like! You should wear what you like most times, but you should also try to step it up a bit when it comes to your fashion sense. You may like plain over pattern or vice versa, but it does not mean you should stick to one.

4. Occasion

I know I have stressed this enough but I still feel the need to. Know what you are wearing for an occasion, especially the ones with dress codes.

My Point is…

The comparison between plain and pattern styles for men is endless, but you should experiment. Do what you think is the best for your fashion sense, but also remember to switch it up a bit.

Well, if you are trying to experiment to know what you like, then I wish you all the best on your fashion journey.


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