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Updated: Feb 26, 2023
By Happiness Hassan
Ankara dresses
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When it comes to trendy styles to be worn or trendy fashion, Ankara dresses always come up in the top most wanted styles. As we all are aware of what Ankara is, its origin, and who the people that get to rock it are, it never gets old to refresh your memory on it.

Ankara is a sort of material that is usually used to make different types of clothes. This includes dresses, shirts, and it could be anything you wish for it to be. Your Ankara, your rules. As time passes, a lot of beautiful styles made with Ankara keep popping up from everywhere and we can’t help to be mesmerized by them all.

Ankara comes in different pieces, different patterns, different designs, and also different colors and textures. African women have taken Ankara to another level of spontaneity and if you are stuck on what Ankara dress style to make, we got you covered. One thing about having an Ankara is that you could style it the way you want and you can add bits and pieces of designs to it.

There are a bunch of Ankara mixes and they are just waiting for your delicate hands to choose them. Right now, we are going to focus on beautiful Ankara dresses and they are going to blow your minds, excuse the hyperbole but it’s the truth. When you see a good thing, don’t wait, don’t stutter, just get it, purchase it, own the style, and don’t have second thoughts, just go for it.

Let’s dive into the list that would be difficult to ignore. 

List of Beautiful Ankara Dresses 

1. A Unique Print Ankara

Straight Ankara dresses with wide hand
Credit: Ladeey

A unique print Ankara, made into a lovely piece, with super wide hands and it has been made into a long straight dress. Did you know that dresses compliment a person’s looks and make a person look confident and classy? Hence, who wouldn’t want to look great and dazzling? Your silence is going to be taken to be “no one” pair this with heels and accessories of your choice and you are good to go, ma’am.

2. Elegant Ankara

Kimono Ankara styles
Credi: Adedoyin, Ladeey, Felicia McGimpsey

As this dress is visible to your eyes, it is one of the beautiful Ankara dresses you need to have. It can be made with an Ankara of your choice, it can be styled into a long beautiful Ankara dress with a long jacket, or you can refer to it as kimono-like, to accompany it. Heels or no heels, girl you got it.

3. Sissy Sassy Ankara Dress

Straight Ankara mixed with Lace

This next Ankara dress is a sissy sassy, pepper-them styled Ankara, it has been mixed with lace at the top and also from the shoulders to hands, up until the wrist where it was made to be flay. The bottom, at the front of the dress, was also mixed with a lace that made it look rather astonishing.

4. Gorgeous Ankara Dress

Ankara dress with plain material
Credit:, Bella Dotsey, Kgalalelo pono, NissiP

This gorgeous-looking Ankara has been styled into a stylish, wrap Ankara dress, mixed with a plain material and the outcome is something to decide what you want. It has been made into long hands that are flay and flirty. Don’t miss out on this style, save it, and make it.

5. Straight Ankara Dress

Straight Ankara dresses mixed with lace
Credit: Ladeey,, Temiloluwa oluyomi,

Next on the list of beautiful Ankara dresses is the elegant-looking straight gown, mixed with lace. Without the lace, it would look like an off-the-shoulder dress, but the lace was mixed and made into a round neck. How the hands of the dress were styled is another detail entirely. It was styled to look like an inner. The front bottom of the Ankara dress was mixed with lace too.

6. Simple Ankara Dress

Simple Ankara dresses

An amazing-looking Ankara dress, made in the simplest yet chic way. This would probably take the designer half a day to make, not because it’s easy but because the designer would be in a trance as soon as they set their eyes on this and their magical hands would just go with the flow, to create this masterpiece.

7. One Off the Shoulder Ankara Dress

If you thought the styles won’t get any better, which is where you are wrong. This astonishing, beautiful-looking Ankara dress is to die for, again just an exaggeration that is deserving of this dress. It has been styled into a one-off the shoulder dress, well, you can decide to not make it off-the-shoulder and it would still come out pretty and flashy. It is a straight dress with ruffles on each side of the dress.

8. Puffer Hands Ankara Dress

Beautiful, is one word to describe this Ankara dress, just beautiful. It is made into a straight dress. As the picture shows, Ankara was used on the hands only and they were made into puffer hands. This dress has been mixed with velvet and the result is bravo.  

9. Majestic Styled Ankara Dress

Have you wondered if there could be any other gem apart from those beautiful Ankara dresses listed above? Of course, you have, who wouldn’t? The next majestically styled Ankara is in the form of a long dress that is loose, a loose long Ankara dress made with long hands. It has been mixed with detailed handiwork on the hands and the front bottom of the dress.

10. Dazzling Ankara Dress

A dazzling fitted flay Ankara dress, made with straps in an addition to the short puffed hands. It has a belt to it and is sure to make you feel very comfortable and look very pretty in it.


So, ladies with this list, it is time to bid au revoir to you. Different types of Ankara and beautiful Ankara dresses are at the tip of your fingers, eager for you to decide on choosing them, and for what it’s worth, any Ankara dress you decide to go with, either one or all, would be a decision that you would be very proud of. So, people, who run the world? Of course, girls. 


1. What are Ankara dress styles?

English: The Ankara style (other spelling: Ankcara) is an African fashion style for clothing. This style dates from the early colonial age and describes originally a wax-printed cotton textile with colorful perseverative patterns of mostly symbolic contents.

2. What can I combine with Ankara?

Among the fabrics you can mix with your Ankara fabric is lace fabric. The lace fabric can be made used to highlight the sleeve of your Ankara sleeve or made use of to form a design on your Ankara fabric.

3. Can Ankara be worn to a wedding?

You can wear Ankara to a wedding and still look classy and exquisite.

4. Why is Ankara famous?

Ankara is an important market and processing center for mohair and the fine fruit and wheat grown in the surrounding region. It is a city of contrasts. The old quarter, built around the ruins of an ancient citadel, has narrow, winding streets and crowded buildings.

5. Where did Ankara originate from?

In its real state though, the origin of Ankara is not at all African but rather European. Ankara, which was formerly known as ‘Dutch wax print’, was originally manufactured by the Dutch for the Indonesian textile market.

6. How do you keep Ankara from fading?

Avoid using a washing machine to wash your Ankara fabrics as the machine may be too rough on the fabric and if you must, use it just occasionally and adjust it to a ‘normal washing’ setting. These are just the basic pieces of information needed to care for your Ankara fabrics and to keep them from fading.


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