10 Ankara Fashion Houses You Should Know of in Northern Nigeria 

Updated: Feb 26, 2023
By Happiness Hassan
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Casual Ankara Short Gown Styles for Your Day to Day

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Latest Ankara Styles for 2023

Latest Ankara Styles for 2023

Ankara this, Ankara that, Ankara what, Ankara where, these are statements that keep popping up whenever styles in Northern Nigerian fashion trends or fashion styles come up. Ankara is something that can be described as the heartbeat of Northern Nigeria's fashion. To...

10 Elegant Ankara Styles for Men 2023

10 Elegant Ankara Styles for Men 2023

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Ankara refers to a type of apparel and fabric that uses a wax-based printing technique to imprint traditional African patterns, colors, and symbols on cotton. Various terms, such as “kente cloth,” “african wax print,” “kitenge,” or “ankara patterns,” may have been used to describe Ankara. All of this usually pertains to clothing, textiles, and fabrics with an African influence. There is no Ankara fashion house without Ankara. Ankara has a huge impact on Northern Nigerian fashion houses, and it can be referred to as the heart of Ankara fashion houses.

In other words, it might be appropriate to see Ankara as a fashion or style, similar to how we consider “casual” or “chic” to be certain types of clothing. We would claim that various factors contribute to the development of what Ankara fashion is and how it came to be vastly known.

Ankara textiles are made of cotton fabric and the cotton fabric is mostly from Egypt to Ghana to Nigeria and many other nations throughout Africa. Cotton has been grown and used for generations and cotton is renowned for being comfortable, breathable, and readily receptive of dyes and pigments during coloring procedures.

Ankara fashion houses make use of different hues of Ankara colors. Bright, energetic, and colorful colors are frequently used in Ankara print fabrics. Deep tones of brown, orange, and black are utilized when inspiration strikes, but greens, yellows, blues, and reds are frequently blended into the print design. However, the Ankara color palette is not restricted to only these hues; a wide range of tones, tints, and shades also give the patterns personality.

 Fashion houses are basically companies specialized in the design and sale of high fashion clothing and accessories.

Nigeria’s fashion industry both plays a big cultural role and considerably boosts the nation’s economy. Although formal and traditional styles are also worn, casual wear is most frequently seen but it is starting to change, and it is obvious. 

There are many different hues, materials, and embellishments used in clothing (often beads). Many of Nigeria’s constituent cultures dress in ways that are specific to their tribal societies and traditions. Nigeria is renowned for its stylish textiles and apparel as well as for its up-and-coming fashion designers, who are becoming more well-known abroad.

Even though we have different types of fashion styles in Northern Nigeria, the topmost sorted fashion designs are the Ankara Fashion styles. It is no rocket science that in the Northern part of Nigeria, Ankara is 90 percent the most rocked fashion. There are a thousand fashion houses and fashion shops in Northern Nigeria that are either unknown or nameless. Shop here is used to differentiate between a fashion house and a fashion shop and it will take two plus two, to get the meaning. The point here is that the little fashion shops that we have are not irrelevant, they are just yet to become popular, but they mostly have considerably loyal clients.

Sometimes taking your fabric to a small Ankara fashion shop would result in you having the best style ever made, it does not matter how big the fashion house is or how little people are aware of it. It depends on the creativity of the designer and anyone can be the best designer known.

Top Fashion Houses You Should Know of in Northern Nigeria

1. Fashion Levels

This particular fashion house is situated in Kaduna state, also known as Croc City. The designer responsible for this fashion house is said to be of immense talent and one proof is the good reviews from clients of the fashion house. Fashion Levels are up to the task, no matter what you are looking for, be it bridal attire, asoebi or casual attire, they got you covered. Ankara fashion is what most people in the Northern part of Nigeria frequently go for and they always are left in awe, when they see the finish result.

2. Rainbow Fashion House

This fashion house is located in Katsina state of Northern Nigeria, and their Ankara fashion is what keeps calling clients to them. It does not matter what Ankara fashion style you want; they are up for the tasks and the reviews are almost too perfect.

3. Bint Atelier

 Located in the city of Kano, kanawan dabo or however the saying goes. It has been said that you won’t come to Kano state with a thing, and they don’t have something better than that. This fashion house also goes hard with the Ankara fashion, and you should not miss out on it.

4. Malaabis

An Ankara and other fashion houses. The name may sound familiar to you because it’s a fashion house name that usually comes up whenever you ask for a fashion house with skills. This fashion house is situated in Kano state, in the Northern part of Nigeria. Their clients have all been saying good things about it.

5. Kayana by Aisha

It is an Ankara fashion house in Katsina state of the northern part of Nigeria, it has all the things you need in an Ankara fashion sense, and it is ready to take up any challenge.

6. Efdee_

Kano state based Ankara fashion house. As we are well aware, Kano state is a huge city, it is amongst the top states with a huge amount of population in Nigeria and you can imagine having a fashion house here, where the demands for clothing would definitely keep increasing.

7. 3stars-fashion

 An Ankara fashion house in Katsina state. Though they have other fabrics they are skilled in using to showcase their unique talents, the more in demand is the Ankara fashion.

8. Jamari Clothier    

An exquisite fashion house that gives you a run for your money. This Ankara fashion house is located at Kaduna and it has a lot to offer, be it styles or styles inspirations.

9. The Needlewoman 

This is an outstanding clothing line, with varieties of styles for you to choose from, a fashion house in Croc City, that puts its client comfort first. 

10. AMA

A fashion house that deals with Ankara, bridal wear and what not. It is situated in the northern part of Nigeria, Kaunda to be precise and they have skills that would leave you mind blown.

Ankara fashion is a respected and widely asked fashion in northern Nigeria and it can only be normal to have different persons with the ambitions of owning their dream Ankara fashion houses. 

Nigeria’s culture, including its festivals, cuisine, and of course, fashion, is well-known. Nigerians’ self-expression and ingenuity come through in their use of both new and old items to create attire during weddings and other events. Have you ever wondered where the majority of the clothing we wear today come from?

Ankara fashion in Northern Nigeria

Northern Nigerian clothing is known for its elegance and extensive layering. The baban riga worn by the guys is typically worn over their kaftans. This attire is accessorized with a hula, or cap. For women, a matching veil is typically worn with an Ankara blouse, skirt, or dress. The level of detail in the fabric is determined by the occasion, with heavier, more intricate fabrics being used for formal events and simple materials for everyday wear. Abayas, which are long, loose dresses, are typically worn in casual settings but can also be dressed up. Flamboyant jewelry and lalle, or henna, usually applied to the hands, are common accessories for women. All these styles have been embraced by most Ankara fashion houses, so getting your desired type of design won’t be difficult.

One of Nigeria’s largest ethnic groups is the Northern Nigeria who embrace the Ankara designs, is the Hausa tribe. It has a lengthy history and enduring religious and cultural traditions, which directly influenced the traditional clothing. Incorporating modern trends with its cultural heritage and traditions over a long period of time resulted in stunning and lovely compositions.

Northern women can convey their personalities through their clothing and Ank n ara fashion. Despite the fact that contemporary fashion has changed significantly from what was typical in the past, Northern culture still places a high value on having lovely and comfortable clothing and the result is obvious in the number of Ankara fashion houses we have.

Let’s think about the most widely used fashions. Not only do you discover traditional clothing in the wardrobe of a Northern woman, but you also find modern, original garments with designs that are infused with local elements.There are numerous ways to add national details to almost any costume.

There are peculiar styles from northern Ankara fashion.The most popular are the Northern Ankara designs, which decorate a lady with any type of form and grab everyone’s attention with their bold patterns, intriguing prints, and natural drawings. You can easily locate clothing for both everyday use and special occasions. There is a very diverse and large range of options. Even the most picky women can find what they want on today’s fashion market, in any Ankara fashion house.

A Northern-inspired dress can enable you to look lovely whether you’re out with friends, at a loud party, or at a formal occasion. The majority of the time, the attire is determined by the event’s nature; you only need to choose what is appropriate for which function. 

Fashion would keep evolving and it is only right to keep in par with it, just like laws keep going hand in hand with the frequent change in the society, Ankara fashion houses are ready to deliver the most epic, amazing designs that would make you crave for more. 

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

What Are The 3 Types of Fashion?

There are five primary types of fashion design:

  • Haute Couture.
  • Luxury Fashion.
  • Ready-to-wear Fashion.
  • Economy Fashion.
  • Fast Fashion.

What is The Fashion in Nigeria?

Casual attire is commonly worn but formal and traditional styles are also worn depending on the occasion. Clothing incorporates a variety of colors, fabrics, and embellishments (often beads). Many of the component cultures of Nigeria wear styles that are unique to their tribal society and customs.

What is The History of Fashion in Nigeria?

From the 1960’s till early 90’s, Nigeria was very much influenced by European fashion, and more specifically British fashion since the British colonized us. However, since the 90s, the Nigerian fashion industry has experienced tremendous growth and has made/is making a major impact in the fashion world.

What is Trending in Nigeria Fashion?

Over-sized Shirts and exaggerated sleeves

Over-sized shirting and the puff sleeve trend are definitely making waves in 2022. Rock that oversized T-shirt you’ve been eyeing, throw on some shorts and heels and feel confident in your exaggerated sleeves.

What Clothes Are Worn By Hausa?

Hausa women wear women’s type of “Riga” and “Zanne” wrapper to cover the lower end, which is accompanied by “gyale” veil and “Dan kwali” headtie. These sets of clothes come in different colors,sizes and different weaving styles according to socioeconomic class and affordability of many clients.

What Are Two Dresses of The Hausas?

Hausa Royal Attires

Babbar Riga: This is a set of three pieces of highly embroidered garments.

Alkyabba: This is referred to as a big cloak, and is also embroidered.

Wando: A pair of embroidered trousers that narrow towards the ankles.

Yar ciki: a long-sleeved shirt that is worn with a babbar riga.

What is The Traditional Nigerian Clothing Hausa?

The traditional dress of the Hausa is usually of a flowing gown and trousers. They are usually wide with openings that allow for ventilation. The trousers are baggy at the top and center, but tight around the legs. The men do have on their head turbans which usually covers a part of their face leaving their eyes.

What Types of Clothes Do North Africans Wear?

Loose trousers, shawls worn either at the waist or shoulders and draped necklines matched by twisted hijabs on the head, giving a truly North African feel with hippy undertones. Patterns play an important role as they symbolize a message as well as providing a colorful palette for the wearer.

What is The Culture of Northern Nigeria?

The culture of Northern Nigeria is mostly dominated by the culture of the Fourteen Kingdoms that dominated the region in prehistoric times, but these cultures are also deeply influenced by the culture of over one hundred ethnic groups that still live in the region.

What is a Fashion House All About?

FASHION HOUSE Group specializes in both development and management of outlet centers. It offers an outlet-dedicated, premium quality, experienced team of experts in the fields of outlet center design, development, finance, leasing, operation and management.

What is The Fashion House Business?

A company specializing in the fashion and designing sector and sale of high-fashion clothing and accessories. In layman words “fashion house is a place where you will get high quality branded in house development of fashion merchandise.

How to Start a Fashion Brand in 8 Steps: Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Identify a need in the market.
  2. Develop a business plan. 
  3. Identify your target audience.
  4. Start designing. 
  5. Find a clothing manufacturer. 
  6. Choose a brand name, logo, and market profile. 
  7. Choose a price point for your items.
  8. Begin the marketing process.

What Should a Fashion House Have?

Typically, the fashion house has an infamous symbol or logo and their namesake alone tends to carry the most premium garments. However, fashion houses can also accumulate other brands targeted at different regions and customer bases in the market.

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Fashion Brand in Nigeria?

If you are starting on a small scale, 600,000naira is enough for you to set up and start up, but if you need a bigger venture, you should have above 1 million naira ready to finance your business. In case you do not have enough money to start, you can approach a commercial bank for a loan or the bank of Industry.

What skills do you need to start a fashion business?

Top Qualities of Fashion Designers

  • Good Business Sense. A successful fashion designer needs excellent business skills in order to stay within their budget and market their clothing.
  • Good Communication Skills.
  • Competitive Spirit. 
  • Creativity. 
  • Artistic Ability.
  • Sense of Style. 
  • Strong Sewing Skills.
  • Team Player.


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